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How to propose (in Iceland)

Our top tip before you propose to someone is to be pretty sure that they're actually going to say yes.

If you're already there, we recommend you think long and hard about what makes your significant other happy and try to incorporate that into the proposal. Do they love music, the outdoors, solitude, being around family, or friends? Do they like a bit of bling or would they prefer something low-key?

Think about these things and see if you can incorporate them. While Iceland may be the most perfect place in the world to propose to someone you may want to think twice before you drag a city-girl who does not like the outdoors up onto a glacier to pop the question.

Thankfully it's not all glacier and volcano proposals here in Iceland. We also have a thriving art and music scene, an amazing culinary scene and incredible urban scenery framed by both sea and mountains. You can get the best of all worlds.

Get in touch and see how we can help you plan the perfect proposal in Iceland.

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